Your smartphone needs protection from summer

(StatePoint) Taking good care of your smartphone should be a priority all year long. But summer may be more of a challenge, as you find yourself on-the-go and frequently in situations that may compromise your device.

Use these tips to protect your smartphone with style.

Take Care
From barbecue sauce in the park to salt and sand at the beach, the summer means more opportunities for sticky situations. Use a hands-free headset whenever necessary. You may also consider throwing hand wipes into your beach bag or picnic basket so you can always capture that Instagram shot on the fly without mucking up your screen.

Use a Case
These days, there is no excuse not to use a phone case, even if style is important to you. With so many colors and designs available, you can find one that complements your fashion sense, and protects your device from drops and falls. If you have a love affair with the latest and greatest, you can take heart that, just like smartphones, cases are also improving, getting sleeker and gaining more functionality.

Prevent Water Damage
If you are headed to the lake, river or out on the boat, it’s important to keep your phone safe and dry with protection designed with water resistance in mind. Some versions won’t interfere with the touchscreen or camera, and can be used to hold IDs, cash keys and credit cards while adventuring.

When it comes to reliable water resistance, pay attention to the IP rating (or Ingress Protection Rating) of the case. An airtight design which has a water resistance rating of “7,” which means your phone can be fully submerged in water as deep as one meter for a period of up to 30 minutes.

Be Smart
Remember, during temperature extremes, your unattended vehicle can become extremely hot very quickly without climate control. So, don’t leave your device behind when you exit your car, as these conditions can have damaging effects on its hardware and functionality.

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