Celebrate Halloween safely with your dog

(StatePoint)More than half of pet parents plan to dress up their dogs for Halloween, according to a Wag! survey. And 30 percent of pet parents will look for funny costumes. Number of pet parents taking their dog trick or treating? That would be 31 percent of those surveyed.

Is your pup getting in on the Halloween fun? The experts at Wag!, an on- demand dog walking company, say that it’s important to keep Halloween activities safe and comfortable for dogs.

A Halloween dog costume should never cover eyes, ears or noses. Avoid choking hazards like buttons. Check the fit to ensure the costume doesn't restrict movement.

And you might want to consider a reflective collar or a light to increase visibility. When you're making the neighborhood rounds, sure your dog can't esscape the leash, collar or harness if spooked.

While all those sweet treats are exiting for kids – and even some adults -- it’s important to stash such trick-or-treating loot safely away from pets, as common candy ingredients can be toxic to dogs. Chocolate, raisins and macadamia nuts are poisonous. The suigar-free sweetner Xylotol is highly toxic to dogs.

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