Books to inspire summer home and gardening improvements

(StatePoint) Become inspired to start working on home and garden projects, both indoors and out, with these new seasonal books.

Caring for Cacti
There’s much more to your little green plants than just keeping them alive, according to “Happy Cactus: Cacti, Succulents, and More.” Unearth the secrets of different cacti and succulents with profiles of more than 50 popular varieties. Discover what makes your plant unique and find out where to put it, when to water it, what to feed it, what to look out for.

Simplify Your Life
Living simply can mean living better, according to “Less: A Visual Guide to Minimalism.” Using, flow charts, icons and other graphics, the book demonstrates how to apply minimalism to your home, wardrobe, decor, cooking, cleaning and finances.

Understanding Tools
Are you a DIYer or aspire to be one? Get a better handle on tools with “The Tool Book: A Tool Lover’s Guide to Over 200 Hand Tools.” This visual guide highlights how to use, understand and properly care for more than 200 hand tools. Learn through step-by-step illustrations and scientific explanations.

Gardening Indoors
Learn where to place houseplants and how to properly care for them in “Practical Houseplant Book.” Two-hundred plant profiles provide information and care instructions from ferns to orchids to succulents. A dozen photographic projects offer ideas for using plants to decorate your home or greenhouse -- from eye-catching terrariums to a living succulent wall. This is a useful guide for any indoor gardener.

Growing Food
Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned grower, “Grow Something Different to Eat: Weird and wonderful heirloom fruits and vegetables for your garden,” can give you confidence to grow, cook and preserve some unusually tasty crops. Learn to grow unique fruits, vegetables and grains, such as orange eggplants, quinoa, chia, and white strawberries.

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