Time for women to take charge and advance their careers

(StatePoint)Women are raising their voices to fight for workplace issues from equal pay and development opportunities to sexual harassment.

Only one-third of women feel they have as many or more opportunities than men at their current companies, according to a recent survey by Randstad US. And, 58 percent cited the lack of promotion to leadership roles as a top reason for gender inequality in the workplace.

If you are a working woman looking to advance, expand your responsibilities, or launch a new career, here are four tips that can help you achieve success.

• Pursue mentorship opportunities. Mentors can be your support system, whether it’s providing encouragement to pursue growth opportunities or identifying blind spots and areas of improvement. Mentors can bring a wealth of knowledge to move you in the right direction.

• Embrace failures. Don’t allow one negative interaction or misstep to ruin your day, and don’t let fear prevent you from moving forward. Learn from your failures: Why did a presentation fall flat? Use these moments as opportunities to develop short- and long-term goals to overcome any potential barriers.

• Step outside your comfort zone. Taking risks can lead to great rewards. Initiating a conversation with your boss may lead to stronger trust and a better relationship. Every uncomfortable situation elicits something gained.

• Own your professional growth. Ask your manager to assign you to projects in which you’ll have the opportunity to learn something new. Go beyond what’s asked of you by taking online courses and reading books (hint: Ask your mentor). The bottom line: own your development. Don’t leave it in the hands of your employer.

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